Panthera leo - African Lion

$50.00 per month

The newest addition to Cat Tales is this lion cub. He was rescued on May 1st, 2012 by the Zoo Directors, from a facility in Ohio that profits from using baby animals as a tourist attraction. Once the cubs become too big and/or they are not photo handle able they are replaced by younger cubs. This places the older cubs at a point of liability and not an asset, and new homes must be found. This cub has found his forever home with us.

Rescues are never easy. We don’t have a lot of information about where this cub was born, where his parents live, or how he was raised before he became part of our family. In a sense he is an orphan without a history. Everyday he is telling us his Lion Story and we are listening and learning more about who he is.

He is just over three months old, as of May 1st, and weighs about 35 pounds.  On May 18th this cub was given his name, voted on by our supporters, guests, visitors, and Facebook fans.  We are happy to welcome our new Lion King, Samir!