We are pleased to now offer a one of a kind, behind the scenes, tour and visit to our facilities.  Unlike our general public tours and access to the zoo facility, our behind the scenes tours let your customize your visit to provide you with a unique and memorable experience just for you.  Additionally, you have a closer proximity to the animals in our care, accompanied by your designated zoo keeper guide who will be happy to answer your questions and make your private tour the best it can be.

Are you a photographer looking to take photos of the magnificent animals without the pesky fencing and signage in your shots?  

Are you an artist seeking to sketch, observe ,and study the animals as they move, sleep, and play without being interrupted by other zoo visitors?  

Are you a sound engineer in pursuit of that perfect audio sample of a tiger chuffing, a lion roaring, or a puma purring without the noise distraction of tour groups nearby?  

Are you looking for that purrrrfect gift for the big cat lover in your life?

Are you considering a future in zoo keeping and want to see behind the scenes all that is involved in the day to day operations of running a quality facility?

We can help make it happen.  Private custom tours must be arranged in advance, and our knowledgeable staff will help put together a tour that best suit what you are looking for in your visit.

Pricing begins at $75.00 per hour.  Please contact our zoo offices for more information, and to schedule your behinds the scenes tour.