Eclectus roratus - Eclectus Parrot

$25.00 per month

Bonnie is a bird who wore out her welcome at her former home. This breed of parrot is known for a very annoying habit of screaming at an extremely high pitch. It is enough to startle anyone unless you have been around her for a while.  The Eclectus parrots are vividly colored birds with tight interlocking hair like feathers which produce a sleek glossy plumage that actually looks like silk. They are a large stocky parrot, being 14 to 15 inches in length (35 cm), and have a short square tail and long round tipped wings.

   The male Eclectus is brilliant green on top, has yellowish-green wing coverts, and has red patches on the breast and under the wings. The female Eclectus has a rich red on the head and breast while the back and wing feathers tend to a darker red.  The Eclectus parrots are found in Australia, New Guinea, and the islands of eastern Indonesia.