Panthera tigris - TIGER

$100.00 per day

The call heard for decades that the Circus is coming to town held a special meaning for Spokane in 1998. When the small traveling Circus packed up the Big Top and moved on to the next stop on their 22 week tour of the Western States, they left behind a 500 POUND PUSSY CAT!!!!  Caesar is a Bengal Tiger who didn't have to run away to join the Circus. He was born at the Circus in 1994. He lived and traveled with five other Tigers and two Lions. Recent changes in the federal regulations covering the transportation of animals will require larger spaces for many of the species familiar to the Circus. While this is a positive step for the animals overall, it will have a negative short term effect. Many of the businesses effected by these changes will simply decrease the number of animals they travel with and that leaves many animals without homes. Homeless animals, especially big cats, are put down. These changes combined with the fact that Caesar didn't have sawdust in his veins and had a lot of trouble getting along with the other Tigers meant he was to become one of these animals unless someone would help. Fortunately the owner of the Circus made the effort to find him a home. Cat Tales was contacted and arrangement were made to donate Caesar while the Circus was in Spokane. Without facilities like Cat Tales retired “Stars” would truly be retired.