Panthera tigris - TIGER

$100.00 per month

Charlie is one of the latest in the on going list of animals Cat Tales has rescued from a human whose desire to own a wild animal overrode common sense and proper care for the animal.   We receive an average of 45 telephone calls per month seeking our help finding a home for some type of exotic animal.   We also average three requests a week for information on, and we quote: "How can I get one of them thar cats for a pet?" (Usually in a Southern Drawl.) Sometimes we believe we can hear the faint sounds of Banjos playing the music from the movie "Deliverance".  

Well, Charlie was owned by one of those type of people. When we were called upon by the authorities to help confiscate this tiger we were amazed he was even in the cage he had to call a home. The sides were only 6 feet tall and the roof was made of chicken wire. The flimsy wire roof drooped  as low as 4 feet in the center. We could see that Charlie had been pulling on it with his teeth. The floor was a series of puddles or urine & feces. There was a minimum of 6 months worth of animal waste he had to walk through to just get around in the unacceptable excuse he was forced to call home.   If a human was forced to live like that, the scum that inflicted those conditions on them would be in prison. Since it was just a Tiger, if they are ever convicted, the worse they face is a small fine. Most of these people will turn around in a few months and buy another exotic pet. Sadly, many politicians dont have the courage to turn their backs on the special interest of the Breed for Greed industry that will sell any creature an individual wants if they are willing to pay the price.  Fortunately there is a growing movement in the United States to push for laws making cruelty to animals a felony offense.