Felis Concolor - PUMA

$50.00 per month

This young female was taken from the wild by someone who claimed that they thought she was lost. While it will never be known for sure, all indications point to an attempt to get a pet from the wild. The process went sour when the rescued cub nearly starved to death. Finally with the help of a couple who had experience working with exotic cats, she was stabilized and began eating. Her real home was in Oregon along the Snake River. The Oregon Department of Fish & Game were contacted along with Cat Tales. Through a cooperative effort of the couple caring for her and the State of Oregon, she was placed here at the Park. Unfortunately, because of the human contact, she could not be returned to the wild. She is now an education ambassador helping teach others to allow the wild to remain undisturbed as well as teaching that these cats were never intended to be Pets.