Panthera pardus orientalis - Amur Leopard

$50.00 per month

Houdini was donated to Cat Tales by Randy Miller's Predators in Action. Houdini is a 6 year old Amur Leopard. As his name applies, leopards are advanced thinking cats, which if not challenged (just like gifted children) they will look to the outside of their daily life for "inspiration".  Houdini is a talented cat that enjoys the feline "girl next door," as well as keeper attention.

Amur leopards, called Far Eastern Leopards in Russia, are one of the rarest subspecies in nature. Easily identified by their very large, thickly bordered circular markings as well as rosettes, Amur leopards have extremely long hair in response to the cold climate they inhabit. Originally found in Manchuria, the Korean peninsula and the Russian Far East, the last recorded specimen in South Korea was captured in 1969.  Recent field studies the Russian Far East (2001) suggest a population of 40 animals, and similar studies in North Korea (1998) suggest no more than 10 leopards remain there.  The population living in two adjacent provinces of China numbers only 10 to 15 more. (Total 60-65) The status of this race is Critically Endangered. As of July, 2002, the captive population worldwide was 222 leopards.