Panthera pardus, japonensis - NORTH CHINESE LEOPARD

$50.00 per month

Kalki is a North Chinese Leopard, born in 1992.  The name Kalki means "Destroyer of the Universe".  Her personality often fits her name.   Kalki came to us from Faye Gordon**, a retired trainer and close friend of the Park Directors.  Faye was also was a close personal friend of Siegfried and Roy. Siegfried and Roy, known for their spectacular shows in Las Vegas, own the largest collection of White Bengal Tigers in the world.   Roy's Golden Leopard, Sasha, was diagnosed with tumors and she was expected to pass away. Faye purchased Kalki for Roy to ease the loss of Sasha.  Sasha continued to live for two more years during which time Kalki stayed with Faye.   Kalki did not "socialize" during this time and would not be a workable cat for Roy. Because of Faye's failing health, Kalki needed to be placed in a new home.  Out of all the homes which Faye could have chosen, Cat Tales is the place she wanted her "baby" to be.  The directors personally drove to Faye's Southern California home to help Kalki adjust to the change of scenery and new humans in her life. The return trip took 37 hours in the zoo's van. Who needs a car alarm when you have a grumpy leopard to greet the occasional curious person in the Rest Area as you travel.  **Faye passed away May 5th, 1997, however, as many keepers here will attest, her spirit is here at Cat Tales with her beloved Kalki.

North Chinese Leopards are larger than Asian Leopards, their spots and rosettes are smaller in size and spaced closer together, their fur is generally longer and darker in color.  North Chinese Leopards can live to be 20 years old in captivity.