Canis lupis familiaris - Turkish Anatolian Shepherd

$25.00 per month


Masai is a Turkish Anatolian Shepherd. The Anatolian Shepherd originated in the arid Anatolian Plateau region of Turkey and Asia Minor over 6000 years ago. This environment is very similar to Namibia, with very little rain, extreme heat in summer and cold in winter. Used for guarding livestock, the dogs were expected to work in a vast open area without the presence of humans. Through selective breeding, the "ideal" Anatolian livestock guarding dog emerged. The Anatolians possess a light-colored, medium length coat, often with dark facial shading. This functional coat insulates the dog against sun and extreme temperatures. They have a large and imposing stature, with males standing approximately 24 inches + at the shoulder and weighing 155-165 lbs. They have large heads and chests, with a tapering body. Their excellent eyesight, sharp hearing and strong dedication to their herd make them ideal for the job.   The Anatolian Shepherd Livestock Guarding Dog Program   The Cheetah Conservation Fund's Anatolian Shepherd Livestock Guarding Dog program is a successful, innovative program that has been helping to save the wild cheetah in Namibia since 1994. Working with local farmers and their livestock, this program is one of several non-lethal predator management strategies that CCF has developed. In addition to directly saving the cheetah from indiscriminate removal from the farmlands where they live, this program also fosters goodwill between CCF and the farmers, thus improving the cheetah's chances for survival.