Panthera pardus - ASIAN LEOPARD

$50.00 per month / per cat  (separate adoptions available)

  T'Pau and Nagil were born to Jasmine and Ruper in 1995. They are both males and both marked like their mother. Their birth was one of the first ever to be captured on film and you may have even seen them born in a segment featured on Animal Planet.   Unlike Jasmine's other cubs, she did not reject these babies and nursed them right away. She was very protective of them and would not let us near them for quite a while. At 4 weeks of age, Jasmine started to carry the cubs one at a time, by their head and neck. She was trying to move them into the exhibit with the other adults. The decision was made to pull the babies and put her back in with her family. Surprisingly, she was so happy to be in with the adult leopards that she did not once cry for her babies.   Both of the boys have played an active part in the zoo's education program, and spend much of their day hamming it up for our guest by providing "Kodak Moments" with unique poses for the camera. They enjoy the spotlight of being "TV Stars".