Panthera pardus - ASIAN LEOPARD

$50.00 per month

Thunder was born in 1994 at 1:00 on the morning of August 8th, during a severe electrical storm.  Jasmine, her mother, did not disconnect the umbilical cord for 35 minutes, at which time we decided to pull Thunder.  Her temperature was 87 degrees. The normal body temperature is 101.1 degrees. She was rushed to the Zoo Nursery where she was placed in thermal heat packs to bring here body heat up at a controlled rate. She spent the next several days of life in intensive care under 24 hour observation as do all newborns here at Cat Tales. (Cubs are bottle or tube fed an enriched goats milk diet with added milk solids, eggs, oil, vitamins and distilled water. Eventually strained baby food chicken is added. The cubs must consume 20% of their body weight daily to ensure growth.)  

Since her birth, Thunder has appeared on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, numerous news programs and PBS Specials. She has been an Outreach Ambassador for the Zoo to thousands of children at area schools and traveled around the Pacific Northwest to make public appearances. She still is very active in these types of events and would prefer to do them all the time since she is a "Star" and thrives on the attention.   She has just one tiny problem..... She has always been called the "Beautiful Princess."  She also loves to go on walks with the trainers. Once several years ago while on a walk on the Zoo grounds, Thunder heard a guest comment on a flower garden along one of the public pathways. They said: "Oh look at the beautiful flowers." Thunder immediately attacked and destroyed the flowers.  It seems that there can only be one  "Beautiful" in her territory.