Panthera tigris - TIGER

$100.00 per month

Tigger was part of a rescue that took place just before Christmas in December 2010. His brother, named Zorro, plus a lioness named Nala were living at an overcrowded Rescue facility in Oregon. Cat Tales was contacted to provide a home for the three young animals needing to be relocated. A team of volunteers from two zoos braved the winter storm over the next weekend to travel over 850 miles through snow storms, driving rain and dense fog to bring the cubs safely home to Cat Tales. “Nala”, a 7 month old African Lioness, plus “Tigger” & “Zorro”, 6 month old Bengal Tiger cubs started to learn about their new home as they took walks on lead through the zoo. Their favorite time at their new home quickly became “feeding time”. They still play together on a daily basis.