Felis rufus - BOBCAT

$25.00 per month

Wizard came to live at Cat Tales after his owner attempted to have him euthanized rather find him a proper home.  His owner had originally contacted Cat Tales asking us to take his Bobcat, since the authorities were forcing him to comply with the ordinance requiring proper housing for exotic animals.  At that time Wizard's home was a small spare bedroom in the person's house which had no window or even a working light and was filthy with animal waste.  Cat Tales advised the person that we would begin a search for available space, and contact him in a few days. This was not good enough for the owner so, after two days, Wizard was dumped off at a local Veterinarian's office with enough money to have him destroyed.   As luck would have it, the Veterinary office they picked is also run by the Senior Veterinarian for the Zoo.  We were called and took in the abandoned cat. We contacted the owner to notify him of the plan to take in Wizard.  He said fine, and asked us if he could come visit his former "pet" since was just like his son.   How tragic that he was will to pay to have his "son" put down.  We renamed the Bobcat Wizard, derived from his former name "Lizard" that his owner had named him.  Maybe he didn't know the difference from a reptile and a cat.