Panthera tigris - TIGER

$100.00 per month / per cat (individual adoptions available)

These tigers were born on January 16, 1999. They are the offspring of Stoli & Lil, the first Bengal Tigers here at Cat Tales. These Tigers will grow up together here at the zoo and be part of a study to help understand the behavior, which occurs when the Tiger is placed in a "family environment".  Normally a solitary type creature, due to habitat loss in their native land of India, the Bengal Tiger is being forced to share its territory with other Tigers of the same or immediate family group.   Very limited studies have been completed to determine the effect of the human population growth on this endangered animal. Information gathered here may help to insure the survival of the "Tiger Families" in the wild.   While there are obvious differences with this captive born group.  Many factors in development apply to the Tiger in general and the findings will be useful for future generations both captive and wild. This is a long-term commitment, which is gladly undertaken by this facility.  Atlas and Xena are Heterozygous Golden Tigers, meaning they carry the rare White Tiger gene passed on by their parents.