Felis rufus - BOBCAT

$25.00 per month

Stitches was wild born in South Dakota. No one knows for sure what happened to his mother, but he was temporarily placed at the Great Plains Zoo in South Dakota. Cat Tales was contacted as a permanent home and he arrived by plane at 5 weeks of age in August 2009. As a young bobcat he is very active and dangerously adorable. Being from the wild he possesses good genetics so he should not develop the captive or inbred health issues that we are familiar with including brittle bones or cataracts. 

Bobcats are part of the lynx family and are felis or purring cats. This North American cat is like a slightly smaller version of the Lynx, but it occurs in a wider range of habitats. The coat is shorter, the legs thinner, the feet smaller and the ear tufts considerably reduced or even nonexistent, but the markings can be very similar to the more sandy and spotted ones of the Lynx and it has the same cheek whiskers. The Bobcat’s usual diet is rabbits, rodents, birds and even deer. Usually silent, Bobcats sometimes make loud screams, hisses and other sounds during courtship. They are named for their short or “bobbed” tail, which is characteristic of bird eating cats. A long-tailed cat would have trouble maneuvering in the bushes. The white spots on the back of their ears look like eyes to larger predators.