Panthera tigris - TIGER

$100.00 per month / per cat (separate adoptions available)

Zeus was born May 2, 2001. Apollo was born on June 17, 2001.   White tigers are one of the rarest animals on earth. The White Tiger has been extinct in the wild for over 45 years and number less than 500 in the entire world.   Zeus and Apollo have a very clear and strong ancestry. They are direct descendants of the last White Tiger to live in the wild. The Maharaja of Borada discovered the last known wild white tiger in 1951 and captured it to prevent it from being killed. He donated the Tiger, named Mohan, to the National Zoo in Washington DC in 1955. Mohan sired his first white cub in 1958. While it is true that ALL white tigers are "related" to Mohan, tragically not all have a clean bloodline like Zeus & Apollo. Some less than credible breeders have allowed inbreeding to occur to make money. The facility where Zeus & Apollo were born take great care to insure the gene pool is preserved and protected. This means these two Royal White Bengal Tigers will have a very important role in the survival of these rare animals for future generations.   Royal White Bengal Tigers are similar to the orange Bengal Tigers in growth, development and "catitude". What makes them different is the ground color to their fur. One is a creamy white, the other is orange.   The staff at Cat Tales spend many hours each day doing animal observations as well as conditioning exercises. Our staff observe growth and development phases as well as play activity and sleep patterns. Conditioning exercises include teaching the animals to do normal behaviors on cue and one-on-one keeper time. This is very beneficial since many of the cats are part of the public outreach program here at the zoo as well as being part of Cat Tales active involvement in working with educational programs for television and feature films where close-up footage is needed.