Join Cat Tales Wildlife Center at Summer Camp! Unique experiences up close with carnivores, animals, and educational STEAM activities. Your chance to be a zookeeper! Learn with us through activities involving movement, stories, and animals – all about conservation, animal care, and all things biology, education, math, arts, physical science, and more!  

Each Summer Camp is Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Each camp has a limit of 15 campers and will fill up Fast!

Cost per Summer Camp for each camper is $250 for Non-Members and $200 for Members.

Zoological Detectives! Investigators!

K thru 1st Grades — June 19 – 23, 2023

Do you observe and question the world? Want to grow your science with our animals and zookeepers? Join us for art, science, and all things exploring Zoology!

Raptors and Flighted Forms:

5th – 7th Grades — July 3 – 7, 2023

Love all things that fly, crawl, slither, swim, and walk? Enjoy a week right alongside our zookeepers in their day-to-day work and tour our behind-the-scenes animal care. Opportunities to get up-and-close to big cats, bears, foxes, raptors, and more! Learn from those that work with these animals to see if you too want to work with animals. Campers will be building scientific field books to expand their science learning. 

Learners in Behavior and Conservation Camp:

K – 1st Grades — July 17 – 21, 2023

Does your little enjoy all things that move in the big, wide world? Campers get to work right alongside our zookeepers to practice animal behavior, learn about the care of animals, and become junior conservationists of our nature. 

Dr. Zoolittles:

2nd – 4th Grades — July 24 – 28, 2023

Do you find yourself on nature walks or engaging in the ooey-gooey of science? Join us for a week of DNA, learning about animal behavior, and building zookeeper skills of habitat clues, building, cleaning, and interacting with animals from foxes to bears to tigers!

Ecoleaders with Zookeepers:

5th – 7th Grades — July 31 – Aug 4, 2023

Opportunities to discuss with zookeepers and staff about captive and wild animal populations, build enrichments, and engage in behind-the-scenes animal care! Final products are a field book of scientific illustrations, discussions, and learning! 

Move and Groove like the Animals:

K – 1st Grades — August 14 – 18, 2023

Have a busy mover at home? Join us for a week all about movement, fitness, yoga, music, song, dance, and connecting with your local Cat Tales animal and staff.

Conservation from the Zoo to You!

2nd – 4th Grades — Aug 21 – 25, 2023

Want to change the world? Learn up and close about unique animals with our carnivores and zookeeping staff! Engage in STEAM activities from habitat building, behind-the-scenes tours, genetic labs, and conservation at your fingertips! 

Grossology and Animal Scientist:

5th – 7th Grades — Aug 28 – Sept 1, 2023

Envisioning a future in STEAM or with animals? Grow your inner scientist with habitat engagement, animal enrichment building, DNA labs, and learning about the hard work behind taking care of animals at a zoo and in wildlife conservation! Campers will get to engage with poop, insects, animal habitats, DNA, and more! 

CampAge (Starting in the fall)Dates
Animal Behavior and Zookeeping
Learners in Behavior and Conservation Camp:
K – 1st gradesJuly 17 – 21
Move and Groove like the animals!K – 1st gradesAug 14 – 18
Zoological Detectives! Dr. Zoolittles: 2nd – 4th gradesJuly 24 – 28
All things Zoo: EcoLeaders and Zookeepers
Conservation from the zoo to you!:
2nd – 4th gradesAugust 21 – 25
Animal Behavior and Zookeeping
Raptors and Flighted Forms:
5th – 7th gradesJuly 3 – 7
All things Zoo: EcoLeaders and Zookeepers
Ecoleaders with Zookeepers:
5th – 7th gradesJuly 31 – Aug 4
Zoological Detectives! Grossology and Animal Scientists:5th – 7th gradesAug 28 – Sept 1