A Legacy of Care and Connection

Embracing Our Role in the Community

At the Wildlife Center, our spirits leap as joyously as the mammals we rescue. We are not just a sanctuary, but a bustling center for community involvement, eco-tourism, education, and volunteer work. Our heartfelt thanks go out to every donor whose kindness propels us toward a more hopeful future.

Our Impact by the Numbers

  • Inclusivity in Action: This year, we’ve opened our doors more comprehensively, offering over $30,000 in free or discounted admissions to low-income families, ensuring that financial barriers don’t hinder the joy of experiencing wildlife.
  • A Tourist Haven: Recognized globally, we’ve placed ourselves firmly on the map as a destination that brings joy to visitors and vital tourist dollars to our local area.
  • Educational Outreach: Over 250,000 young minds have been ignited with a passion for wildlife, transforming them into ambassadors for nature’s wonders.
  • Financial Milestones: With $400,000 raised in 2023, and as we plan for the same this year, we continue to fortify our wildlife rescue mission, compassionate care, and education.
  • Generational Bonding: We’ve witnessed the beautiful life cycle and learning with three generations of visitors. Those who once walked our paths as children now return, hand in hand with their grandchildren, sharing the legacy of love for wildlife.

Why Wildlife Rescue in Our Community?

Environmental Conservation: Our center plays a pivotal role in safeguarding biodiversity, rehabilitating animals, and contributing to the health of our planet’s ecosystems.

Education and Awareness: Beyond rescue, we serve as a beacon of learning, offering insights into wildlife conservation and nurturing an informed community.

Economic Benefits: As a magnet for eco-tourism, we bring both joy and economic growth, supporting local businesses and boosting the economy.

Community Engagement: We stand as a testament to the power of collective effort, offering myriad opportunities for community involvement and fostering a shared sense of responsibility towards our natural world.

Hear It From Our Community: Testimonials

Our efforts and impact resonate in the voices of those we touch. But don’t just take our word for it. Read below to see how the Wildlife Center has made a difference in the lives of many.

“Staff are all very nice, knowledgeable, friendly and are kind to other people’s children!!! That is so awesome!”Timothy S.

“One of my favorite places to visit, the animals protected here are beautiful and have a good life under the circumstances.”Michael W.

“We loved to feed the bear! And love to see how you take good care of the amazing animals. Keep up the good work!”P.j.a. T.

“The Wildlife Center isn’t just a place; it’s a journey through nature that has taught my family the value of conservation. Seeing my children learn and grow with each visit is priceless.” – Emily R.

“My visit to the Wildlife Center was both eye-opening and heartwarming. It’s incredible to see how much they do with community support.” – Liam T.

Share Your Story

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