HOW CAN YOU HELP?  The outpouring of meat donations from our community has been amazing!  So much so that we needed to put together this handy dandy guide to help manage the flood of generosity.  ๐Ÿ˜Š 

Our needed donations of food for the animals change with storage availability and current animal nutritional needs. Though we appreciate you thinking of us when you are cleaning out your freezers, etc. we cannot always use the food you would like to donate. Please contact us ahead of time if you have questions before you make a trip to donate.

Due to limited storage space we are asking you to limit your meat donations to Beef and Poultry at this time. โ€‹Thank you for understanding!
โ€‹These In-Kind Donations can be brought to Cat Tales between 11:00 – 4:00 Thursday thru Sunday ( Closed on Monday).

  • Please call the office (509) 238-4126 if you have questions.
  • Go to the Entrance Booth to complete donation paperwork prior to unloading your donation from your vehicle.
  • Note we cannot accept food just left at the gate.

MEAT & FOOD DONATIONS:    Please note that in order to ensure the best dietary health for our animals, there are limits on what we can accept.โ€‹

Foods we CAN use:

  •  Must be unopened in original packaging (store or butcher packaged)
  • Cannot be processed, have added seasonings, preservatives, etc.
  • BEEF โ€“ most any cut beef other than tail, scrap parts or bulk fat.  We use heart and liver from beef as well.
  • POULTRY โ€“ chicken or turkey โ€“ plucked and packaged.  Whole birds are fine, poultry off the bone is wonderful.โ€‹
  • FRUITS & VEGGIES (frozen or fresh) โ€“ our foxes and bears enjoy produce as part of their meals, however they do not eat in huge amounts so we have limited freezer space to hold such.  Fresh produce must be fresh (aka human consumable) as it may be fed out over a few days and we donโ€™t want to feed out rotted produce.  *When the weather warms, many of the animals love watermelon and other melon to eat/ and for enrichment.
  • BREAD โ€“ the bears love their peanut butter sandwiches as well as bread to snack on. 

Foods we CANNOT use:

For livestock donations (Equine only) – Please leave a message for Randy at (509) 370-8211 or email for more information, scheduling and veterinary concerns and/or conditions.

SUPPLIES WE CAN USE:  These supplies, while some are currently in short supply, we use these things year round and have plenty of storage for since they donโ€™t need refrigeration..

  • BLEACH โ€“ non-scented, no fabric softeners or added stuff, just plain old bleach.
  • NITRILE GLOVES โ€“ or any other glove appropriate for medical or sterile work.  Sizes S, M or L all used here.  We use gloves in preparing food for the animals (handling raw meat) and in cleaning up scat and other items that are best done with a barrier between your skin and the item in question. 
  • PAPER TOWELS โ€“ we often use towels that we can launder, but there are times when paper towel is what is needed, and we certainly use them regularly.