Experience the joy of giving back by volunteering at the Wildlife Center. Your contribution will make a significant impact, not directly with the animals, but by enhancing the experience of every visitor. Help us in guest services, including roles in the gift shop, ticket booth, and as tour guides or docents. Join our dedicated team and play a vital part in supporting wildlife conservation!

Featured Volunteer

Our volunteers make a difference in their communities, but they also walk away with memorable experiences that will stick with them for years to come. Are you a volunteer with a tale to tell? Please reach out to us to share your story here and on our blog.

“I know that a job in rehab/conservation will have lots of hands-on interaction which is one of the reasons I am attracted the career, but am also aware that I will need experience and training with animal care, husbandry, health, medicine, etc.. An internship at Cat Tales would offer me a great foundational experience in these areas.”

– Tyler Hill