We take pride in the Wildlife Center mission of community based educational programs with expanding and inspirational opportunities for volunteers and higher education students, while providing forever homes for exotic animals and wildlife in need, and spreading awareness for our cause.

Wildlife Center Mission

  • Provide a safe and secure home for rescued big cats and wildlife,
  • Provide professional animal care to ensure their health and well-being, and
  • Provide public education to the benefit of all wildlife.

Our Vision for the Community

In the years ahead we anticipate a continued need for lifetime care and housing of non-releasable exotic and wild animals, as well as demand for the unique professional training and education that our facility provides.  

Our success enables us to serve multiple species, rescue and provide care for the animals in need, and educate the public through our new and different hands-on community involvement. Increased facility needs are met through the financial growth this generates. 

Our Important Guiding Values


  • Above all else, we will be respectful and responsive to the needs of the animals and care for them them in a safe and respectful manner.
  • We value our team and the hard work they put in, and we provide a safe environment for our guests and staff.
  • We honor guests and strive to make their experience near the animals meaningful to inspire their compassion and understanding for the animals here and in the wild.


  • We bring our full resources to provide the best housing and care for the animals here.
  • We are committed to providing quality, educational guest experience in the most cost-effective and engaging manner.
  • We will be well managed, sustainable and a good steward of resources.
  • We will ensure we have the expertise to be effective and are committed to learning and growing.


  • We believe in being culturally competent and understanding the needs of the diverse cultures and ethnicities we serve.
  • We are community supported and the neighbors in our region and through our social media supporters we will work together to raise resources and awareness to meet the needs of our animals’ life-long care and continue to develop our guest’s experience.
  • We honor and appreciate the contributions of our donors and volunteers.