Our Mission: Healing Paws and Hearts Alike

Nestled in the beautiful Pacific northwest, the Wildlife Center is a beacon of hope for the voiceless. We have taken an oath to rescue and rehabilitate and touch hearts and open minds. Our mission is simple yet profound: Wildlife Rescue, Compassionate Care, and Education Ambassadorship.

With hands ready to heal and hearts eager to educate, we at the Wildlife Center dedicate ourselves to nurturing community-based educational programs that serve as a bridge between nature and us. Volunteers and higher education students find a canvas here to paint their compassion and curiosity, while exotic animals and wildlife find a sanctuary to call home.

Our pride is the unwavering commitment to raise awareness for our cause, while our joy stems from every animal we save and every mind we enlighten. Through our efforts, we aim to sow seeds of appreciation for the majesty of wildlife and the importance of conservation efforts.

Our Vision: Sustaining Hope for Tomorrow

Gazing into the future, we see the Wildlife Center as a steadfast guardian for the non-releasable wild souls. Our vision is a community where every exotic and wild creature has a place to rest its wings or paws. With professional training and educational programs blooming, we stand at the forefront of an environmental awakening.

Our success has become the soil from which we grow, expanding to embrace multiple species, rescuing more lives, and dancing with the public in a symphony of interactive involvement. This growth is not just in spirit but in the sustainable financial vitality that underpins our capacity to serve and expand.

Our Guiding Values: The Pillars of Our Purpose


At our core is the compassion that governs our actions. We stand respectful, honoring the dignity of life in our care. Our team’s dedication is mirrored in a sanctuary that ensures safety for our guests, staff, and animal ambassadors. Each encounter is crafted to kindle the fires of understanding and compassion, hoping these flames spread far beyond our borders.


Resourcefulness is our mantra as we strive to provide exemplary care and housing for our animal friends. From educational guest experiences to the stewardship of our resources, we aim for excellence. Our commitment to sustainability and expertise is unwavering, as we promise to be a haven of learning and growth.


Culture and community weave the fabric of our foundation. We understand the unique tapestry of cultures we serve and honor the support that breathes life into our mission. Our social media supporters and neighbors stand with us, hand in hand, to elevate the care of our animals and enrich our guests’ experiences.

We stand in gratitude for every donor, every volunteer, and every soul touched by our cause. This is not just our story – it is a legacy shared by all who believe in the healing power of nature and the strength of compassion.

Join us as we continue to write chapters of change and hope for the animals, our community, and the world.