The Wildlife Center is open year round for school and group tours & is always closed on Mondays.


  • All group tours MUST be scheduled in advance.
  • We cannot schedule tours by email. Please call the office (509) 238-4126 to insure space and time for your tour.
  • ​We can accommodate groups of up to ~100, but scheduling is critical.
  • ​During the warm weather months, space fills up early.
  • ​If your group is running late or need to cancel PLEASE call us and let us know.​

Contact the Wildlife Center Office

For Scheduling509-238-4126
  • Admission fees for the 2023-2024 school year are $10.00 per person ages 5+, for groups of 20 or more. 
  • Teachers, Bus Drivers, and Three (3) Adult Supervisors per 10 paid children are no charge.
  • We ask that all payment(s) be collected from parents/students and paid all at once to prevent congestions at the entrance, thus delaying the start of the tour.
  • If a Purchase Order will be used, please let us know when the tour is being scheduled in order to make payment arrangements ahead of time.
  • All Wildlife Center guests age 18 and older, must sign a Release of Liability prior to entering.
  • To save time and for us to be able to start your tour promptly, we recommend downloading the Release of Liability.
  • Have your Adults sign this the morning (day) of your field trip and turn it in at the Ticket Booth when you arrive. It must be signed individually and in ink.

The average tour takes between 45 minutes & an hour depending on weather conditions, number of students, and age group/attention span.

  • ​The Wildlife Center is outdoors and not sheltered. Be sure to dress for the weather.
  • Our parking lot does have room for a bus to turn around.
  • ​We do have a picnic area and you can bring a lunch. Let us know if you want to use the picnic area to ensure it is available.
  • We have 2 single generic bathrooms (1 is handicap accessible)
  • If the students want to go into the Gift Shop we limit them to 5 at a time with an Adult.​​
  • The main gates open to the Parking Lot at ~9:45 am. Entrance Booth opens at 10:00, please be patient.

All Wildlife Center RULES pertain to everywhere on the property & are strictly enforced at all times!! ​Respect for others (especially the animals) is important.

It is okay to:

  • Walk
  • Use a Quiet Outside Voice
  • Keep your feet on the Ground
  • Ask Questions
  • Be like a Tiger, low and slow
  • ​Listen

It is NOT okay to:

  • Run (you look like food)
  • Shout or Scream​
  • Climb on the Rocks or Fences
  • Throw rocks or litter​
  • Act like a Monkey (Big cats want to eat monkeys)

Go over the Rules with your group. Make sure the Adult Supervisors are aware of the rules and agree to abide by them. Your Tour Guide will cover them again prior to the start of your Tour. (It does no harm to hear them twice 🙂 ) 

Home to over 30 animals

Including Northwest native species – black bears, cougars, bobcats, lynx, red foxes – also wolfdogs, coyotes, arctic fox, gray fox, servals, and tigers (Bengal Tigers, Siberian Tigers, & white tiger)

Time and care is taken with your tour

We do the best we can with younger age groups and shorter attention spans.

The Wildlife Center is outdoors

Be sure to dress for the weather. We do have picnic areas and two generic restrooms. Be aware that the use of restrooms will add time to your visit. Plan ahead.

The conservatory can be rented for a fee. Contact our staff for more information.

Located just north of Spokane on Hwy 2 East – the Newport Hwy

Location and Directions

Note – The following Tour was filmed in 2020 – Not all the exhibits are the same. We have made changes and improvements, new animals have arrived and others have aged out.

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