These In-Kind Donations can be dropped off at Cat Tales from 11:00 to 3:00 – Thursday thru Sunday (Closed Mondays)
Call ahead (509) 238-4126 for large Donations so we are Prepared to Help you unload
or if you have questions regarding our current needs.

Clean “used” Towels
Cleaning Supplies
Dawn Dish Soap
Scrub Brushes
Brooms and Mops
Paper Towels and Toilet Paper
Trash Bags
Office Supplies
Postage Stamps
New or “gently used” desk chairs
First Aid Supplies
Sound System
Outdoor Speakers
Power Tools
Student and Staff Supplies
New or “gently used” winter gloves
Detachable treads for boots during winter
Animal and/or Food Supplies
Zip top Bags – All sizes
Cat Litter – Clumping (No clay)
Dog Food for the Bears
Fruit and Vegetables
Bread for the Bears
Clean “gently used” Pet Kennels 
Outdoor Supplies
Garbage Cans with Lids
Buckets with Handles
Trees and Perennial Plants
Flowers in Spring and Summer
Yard Rakes and Shovels
Hoses and Sprinklers
Landscaping Materials
New Construction Materials
Solar Lights
Shade and Utility Tarps
Large Umbrellas for Shade
Picnic Tables
Outdoor Benches