Hello to all our supporters and animal lovers!

We at Cat Tales Wildlife Center have some exciting and heartwarming news to share about the newest member of our family, Ricky, a charming bobcat who has had quite a tumultuous journey.

Ricky’s Story: From Peril to Protection

Ricky was born in the wilds of Oklahoma but lost his way early on. As an orphaned cub, he faced numerous challenges, the greatest of which was his impaired vision, which made him non-releasable back into the wild. When we learned that Ricky was on the verge of being euthanized because of state wildlife regulations, we knew we had to assist.

A Safe Haven for Ricky

Thanks to our community’s support, our team’s dedication, and the Oklahoma rehab, we secured the necessary permits and organized his transport to our center, an endeavor that cost over $2,000. Ricky is safely with us, undergoing his quarantine before he can explore his permanent home at our facility.

Building a Home for Ricky

However, our mission doesn’t stop here. Ricky’s new enclosure—a safe, enriching environment tailored to his needs—is estimated to require an additional $4,000 in materials. This is where we need your help!

How You Can Help

  • Donate: Every little bit helps! Remember, many employers offer matching gift programs that could double your impact!
  • Spread the word: Share Ricky’s story on your social media, with friends, and within your community.
  • Stay engaged: Follow us on social media and our website for updates on Ricky and many other wildlife rescue and rehabilitation stories.

A Call to Action: Let’s Make a Difference Together

Together, we can ensure Ricky lives out his days in comfort and safety, surrounded by those who care. Your support gives Ricky a new lease on life and strengthens our mission to rescue and protect wildlife in need.

Thank you for your generosity and for standing with us!