Experience the enchanting world of Cat Tales in the winter, where the brisk air and snowy landscapes reveal the vibrant lives of our animal inhabitants like never before. Our sanctuary, home to a remarkable array of wildlife, becomes a bustling hub of activity in the colder months, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for all who visit.

Why Winter at Cat Tales?

Winter transforms Cat Tales into a wonderland where our native and exotic residents thrive. From the majestic Siberian Tigers, natives of chilly Siberia, to our local species like cougars, bobcats, lynx, red foxes, coyotes, wolfdogs, and black bears, each animal dons a thick, cozy fur coat and becomes especially lively. While most guests prefer the warmth of summer, these cooler months are when our furry friends truly shine.

Meet Our Winter-Active Animals

Discover the joy of watching our animals in their element. The Siberian Tigers relish the cold, their thick coats a testament to their native climate. Even our other cats, often thought of as creatures of warmth, surprise visitors with their thick winter furs and heightened activity levels. Winter at Cat Tales offers unparalleled opportunities for photography and videography, especially during the pristine beauty of a fresh snowfall or the excitement of feeding time.

Planning Your Visit

Although the winter chill and snowy paths may seem daunting, they’re easily navigated with warm clothing and sturdy boots. Inside, we ensure your comfort with cozy warm-up spaces alongside hot drinks and snacks. Don’t miss our “Cats of the World” Museum or the chance for a Big Cat or Black Bear Adventure, complete with behind-the-scenes glimpses courtesy of our attentive staff.

Special Winter Activities

Winter at Cat Tales is not just about observation; it’s about participation. For those unphased by the cold and eager to lend a hand, our winter maintenance and cleanup efforts always need volunteers. It’s a beautiful way to contribute to the well-being of both our animals and fellow guests.

Stay Warm and Engaged

Our indoor areas offer warmth and entertainment between your outdoor adventures. Savor a hot beverage, explore our souvenir shop, and immerse yourself in the “Cats of the World” Museum. With your comfort ensured, every moment at Cat Tales is an opportunity for discovery and connection with nature.

Connect With Us

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Winter at Cat Tales is not just a visit; it’s an adventure that brings you closer to nature and the remarkable animals that make the cold their playground. We invite you to bundle up, step into the wonder of the season, and see why winter is a spectacular time to explore and learn about wildlife.